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What I think of Gary’s post

Updated: Mar 15

There's something hugely important about people who are not elected and yet really widely known and heard. To be open, I'm a Spurs supporter and a Gary fan.

If, as one of those people (non political but with a voice - not looking for an award....) you don't say what you think, are you using your role? Geldoff and Bono to show my age...

If Gary is not allowed to say how he feels, how can he carry on?

He's done it several times before, the difference being that then it was ok because he agreed with the government. Now he disagrees with the government, and suddenly it's not allowed.

The government is seeming to prevent the bbc having contracts with people who disagree with them.


That's dreadful.

If you disagree with the government you are not allowed to speak if you have a contract with the bbc. How far down the organisation does this go? If you work in catering does this apply to you?

If you disagree with the rules written by the people taking money from the government through the licence fee, your job is at risk. It's very not independant when you think of it like that.

It doesn't matter whether you agree with the policy or not, it's about trying to prevent us talking about it because that's what the bbc seems to be doing.

We are all entitled to think.

If we choose to have a contract rather than be a permanent employee, we are not bound by the terms of permanent employment.

If the government doesn't like that they need to stop allowing people to have contracts rather than being employed.

Oh wait. They tried that with IR35.....

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