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The world we live in can seem full of dangers and things that can go wrong. Sometimes thinking itself seems to be the problem.

Trying to hold back a panic attack can make it worse - we may start avoiding doing things that may bring it on, and we worry that we are worrying. 


Even trying to stop thinking to prevent the head getting into a spin can seem to make the feeling worse.

Anxiety developed to help us live as humans very many years ago, when survival itself was very difficult.  Today it is less useful, but by talking about it and finding ways to work out what is going on, we can learn to live with and to lessen our anxiety.

Something that may make you feel better - anxiety is part of empathy!  If we had no understanding of how other's felt, we would never be anxious.  We'd plough on regardless and no doubt upset many people on the way.  So looking for where it came from, then finding a way to work with and recognise your anxiety before it takes off may be the answer.  

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