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Right or wrong?

Sometimes we think we are doing “the right thing”

Sometimes we think we are doing “the wrong thing”

Is either correct?

Does anything need to be so binary - right or wrong?

Life is what it is - we could do this, or we could do that

We have no idea how it’s going to pan out

Something we thing it’s “right” now may turn out to be a really difficult choice

Something we think is “wrong” now, may turn out to be the best decision ever

We need to learn to trust ourselvrs. Our gut response

We know. We actually know

Sometimes it’s hard to admit it to ourselves, but we do actually know.

When something isn’t right for us.

Doesn’t mean it’s “bad”, it’s just not right for us

Listen to yourself. Note what your body and mind are telling you

We are responsible for our own lives, and whatever your belief, we get one go at this life.

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