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The word “friend” seems to have a different meaning today. It sort of seems to mean “person I know”.

And I guess some people genuinely think that’s what a friend is - maybe someone you live near who you see a fair bit

Anyone who has a real friend knows friends are so much more than that

Friends are people who are there for you to share happy times

Friends are people who are there for you to share sad times

Real friends are people who would never believe or spread stories about you without checking the veracity with you

People who are ok just to be with you when that’s what you need. People you can turn to, no matter what time of day or night. People who answer their phone or who reply

And importantly it’s the other way around too

Friends are people who call or text us when they are hurting or sad. And when they are happy and want to share

Sometimes in life we find out who our friends are - I know I’ve written about this before

But it seems to be a lesson that I personally need to keep repeating

A friend is not competitive. A friend is caring, giving, real.

A friend’s is there for us and we are there for them. Caring, giving and real

The phrase “fair weather friend” is a misnomer

Because it’s impossible to be a friend and also only there when it’s convenient

So notice your friends

Make sure you’re there for them

Call them if you haven’t heard from them for a while

Let them know you care

We need each other.

Humans need each other

Thank you to everyone who is checking up on me, and I hope you feel I’m caring for and checking up on you too

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