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The start of May

Updated: May 12

Gosh, I’ve been taken a little bit by surprise that we have reached May.oh

For quite a long time, I’ve thought that I’d be in quite a different place by now.

I’ve been waiting for other people to decide my life and, in effect, my fate.

Luckily, I’ve woken up and realized that this life is my life. I can be there for other people, I can supports CBother people, I can be as thoughtful as I possibly can, but I need to live my life.

Cognitively I’ve always known that my life is up to me. But I still do what many of us do which is hang around waiting for other people.

It’s really hard.

It’s really challenging to accept that we’re all on our own no matter how many lovely friends and family we are surrounded by.

But the joy of it is that once you re-realize this thing that we all know inside anyway, we don’t have to ask permission of ourselves!

We don’t have to wait for other people to catch up anymore!

It feels as if another page has been turned, by accident, as is so often the case.

But it has been turned.

Having turned the page, it turns out I’ve gone from one chapter to the next!

So on with the new chapter.

Bring it on!

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