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Updated: Apr 11

Today it's definitely April and spring is very here.

In the last week I've been with some wonderful people, in different parts of the country. Everywhere I go the blossom is out, and there are flowers.

There is also rain, and strong wind.

But it is still spring!

The wind and rain hasn't stopped the spring time.

This has made me think.

There has to be something in this for the difficult times in life.

When it's rainy and windy and stormy, life goes on, even if we sometimes wish it wouldn't. The sun comes up, the sun goes down. The birds fly and sing.

Behind the clouds there is still a blue sky.

In the poem "The peace of wild things", Wendell Berry talks about the day-blind stars; the stars are still there even in the day.

We need to hang onto this. We need to hang onto there being other things than the rain and the wind and the storm.

Because as Maya Angelou notes, even a storm runs out of rain.

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