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Today I was told that people have been talking about me. Told by a very good friend who has been there through everything.

She told me that one or two people are making things up about me. She assumed they were "made up things" because she's a very good friend, and she is correct.

When bad things happen to us, we find out who our friends are.

I'm a single female, and that seems to end up in people, even people who were at some point friends (or so I thought) making up rumors. I can only assume it makes them feel better about themselves in some way.

I don't mind actually, because I know who I am. I know my husband died suddenly, and I found out who my friends are. Present tense.

And I found out who wasn't really a friend. Which is great!

When people behave badly, they literally let you know you don't need them in your life! They are doing you a favor

If they hadn't done whatever it was they did, it may have take longer to work out that they only really care about themselves

I've even had people concoct hierarchy's of "badness". This thing that happened to them is worse than this thing that happened to me.

It's almost unbelievable but it has happened

Apart from it being obvious to anyone with any empathy that there are no hierarchy's of bad things - it's all horrid - it helped me understand who had the same sort of values as me

And who didn't.

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