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It's been a while....again!

Updated: Sep 22

It's been a while since I posted anything here. During this time I've been working really hard, both with clients and on myself.

Working on myself is something that never stops; as time passes, I grow. The opposite of growth (for me!) is to stagnate, which doesn't feel very appealing!

So I've been reading, attending things, talking with people. And it doesn't matter what the subject is, every single person I've interacted with has been interesting, and every single person I've interacted with has helped me grow.

Life is full of wonder - we don't know how long we will be here for, and it's our job to try hard to find the wonder while we can. To actually see the wonder around us. To see and spend a little time with what we see. To pause in our busy lives and take it in.

Tiny buds growing on trees and shrubs, blossom on the early trees surviving the frosts, snowdrops spreading and reminding us Spring is almost here. The grass beginning to grow, birds singing and enjoying the slightly warmer temperatures.

Yes there are dreadful things happening in the world and I think we mostly do what we can to help in whatever way we can; to contribute to our households and friends, to our communities, and to charities working on our behalf throughout the world.

And working on ourselves is part of this - we never know how we affect the people we interact with.

We never know how something simple like smiling at someone, or holding a door open for someone, can affect those people.

We never know how things we say are processed and understood ages after the words are spoken. It's not our job to know - it's not about being thanked, or getting credit or an award.

And that's something that we need to learn to accept.

We live in a society that seems to be about being praised and getting awards and titles - I just got another one myself.

But life is really about playing our part as human beings, and along with that comes the personal growth that is needed to keep us alive and to not need external validation for every thing we do.

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