• Henrietta

Why write a blog?

Interesting start to a blog post! Why do it at all? What’s the point? Who am I writing for?

It’s making me stop and think.

And the answer I’ve come up with is very strange

I’m writing for myself.

I’m writing to organise thoughts. To capture what I’m thinking or feeling at a particular point in time.

I used to to write letters to myself, or to others, that never went anywhere, I never sent them. Those letters helped me work out what I felt about things and how to respond to the stuff of life

The blog writing seems to have taken the place of writing those letters

The blog helps me to order my thoughts and reminds me of the important things, of what actually matters and what doesn’t really matter. I think as I write

So I’ll carry on blogging, and can recommend it if you feel like having a go!



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