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Why a tutor?

So you have lecturers and you have friends, fellow students. You have assignments and calendars. You even have your exam dates and a vague feeling that that’s a long way away. You have handbooks, rule books, IT support and leaflets. You have masses and masses of Stuff. So you can’t go wrong!

In the middle of all this Stuff is you. You are the one who needs to work out what to do when. You are the one who has to make sense of the lectures you choose to go to. You are the one who has to work out what your assignment is actually asking you to do, not what you think it is. And finally you are the one who has to write a coherent, succinct and to the point essay either in an exam or as an assignment.

Sometimes its nice to be helped to work out what you need to do. Sometimes it can all get overwhelming. Sometimes you may be asked to do something at degree level that you haven’t actually been shown before - essay writing often fits that category! And if you’ve never been shown, how can you expect to do it. I tell my students that if they could already do this, they’d already have the degree: it’s a learning journey.

Thats when spending an hour or so with a tutor can help!

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