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We are all human

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Last night I went to a lecture given by a brilliant woman.

I’ve read much that she’s written and value her clear, straight forward writing style. I even try to emulate her in my writing, or at least try write as clearly and succinctly as she does.

So the lecture was a shock. The slides were whizzed through, less than a second a slide at one point. I actually felt dizzy towards the end.

So I left

As it happens, I knew much of what she was presenting. Philosophers I have read about many times, and her theories and ideas that I have read too - as I said, she’s brilliant and I love her work.

As I walked home in the rain I pondered. Had listening to her speak lessened my regard for her work?

The answer is a resounding “no”.

She’s still as brilliant as she was. I got to hear her speak which is always special. And it confirms my understanding that even brilliant people have “off“ days.

The important word isn’t “brilliant” - it’s ”people”

We are all human.



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