• Henrietta


Trust is a funny thing

We want to trust people. We want to trust ourselves

So can we trust ourselves to let us know when it’s ok to trust someone else?

I get this wrong all the time. I have chosen to go through life taking everyone I meet as someone I can take at their word. Someone I can trust

And sometimes that’s the wrong thing. Sometimes I get let down, and I notice those times.

I remember those times

But what about all the times it was ok to trust someone, to take them at their word? Why don’t I focus on those instead?

By focusing on the occasions I’m let down, I’m in danger of retreating. Of stopping trusting by default.

And that’s not me

I want to carry on believing in people. Believing we are all the same, we all (in Stings’ words) love our children too

If I focus on the one or two people where I’ve been hurt, that takes away from who I am.

By choosing to carry on, I choose openness rather than fear

I’ll carry on being hurt once in a while, and getting it wrong

But I’ll stay me!

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