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That anxious yucky feeling....

Technical term, clearly! But there’s no really succinct way to describe a feeling that somethings not right. That somethings going horribly wrong. That you’ve missed something. That you’re being stupid somehow and about to be found out. And so many more yucky anxious feelings that start in the tummy!

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have someone in our life that we can tell and begin to notice that feeling lessening a little bit

Sometimes we have a horrible feeling that it’s the people in our life that are somehow in the middle of it all

So what to do?

Clearly the first thing you’ve already done: you’ve noticed how you feel and noticed that you vaguely think it’s connected with a person or group of people

What next?

It’s about allowing that thought that you almost don’t dare to have, to sit with you for a bit. Don’t dismiss it.

If you dismiss it without looking at it, you’ll find it coming back over and over.

So hold it for a bit. Consider the scary thought. It came from somewhere

Having considered it you can let it go. You can look at what is hidden behind it.

Maybe it’s fear of being alone. Maybe is fear of change. Maybe it’s just that you’re having a difficult time and the difficult feeling is looking for somewhere to sit

There may not be an answer. There doesn’t have to be. It may be enough to know you’re having a horrible time, that you’ve got through this sort of thing before, and that you’re functioning

Maybe that’s enough for now and looking for the reason can come later on

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