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Well now I've got an app called Drafts and it seems to have sparked off two different trains of thought.

I think Drafts is like Notes in many ways, and apparently I can dictate instead of typing. I have yet to find that function.

Technology can be really useful. It would be / will be amazing speaking and so saving time typing.

Technology can also be a blocker. For me that happens when it becomes a ”Thing” in its own right, rather than a tool to help me do what I want to do.

Not being able to dictate this, when that was the reason I got this app (since the phone comes with Notes)

is frustrating. I'll ask my friend and he will tell me how to make it work. It'll be simple, easy even. I'll feel that I “Should” (if you know me you know that’s my least favourite word!) have been able to work it out myself. And the technology will have eroded a very small part of my confidence!

And the second point this set me off thinking...

Is time saved by dictating thoughts more precious than time spent typing? Typing something out letter by letter, word by word, uses so many more parts of the brain than speaking - motor skills for fingers and visual cortex for seeing, for example. Plus it's slower and gives me time to think about what I'm going to write.

When writing was first "a thing" it was jealously guarded by monks and "ordinary people" were not allowed it, neither writing nor reading. It took a few rouge monks to release reading and writing to the world. I'm hoping this will happen with technology soon and people will realise it's just like writing and reading. It's not "special"and we are all capable of using it if it's clear how to find out.

And maybe we will choose ourselves how we want to spend our time rather than being told what's amazing and doing what the app tells us to do. I’ll let you know if I start dictating - when I know how to do it!

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