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For me the summer is over and I seem to have been hit with a tidal wave of Things To Be Done.

My teaching timetable is changing almost daily as more and more students sign up to the modules I work on with the Open University. This is great news for the students who are seeing their hard work coming to fruition and progressing through their degrees. The end of summer has also seen an increase in clients. These two things together could more than fill my diary.

At the same time there are family Things To Be Done - whether it's helping with a move or providing a bed for the night, cooking, planning events etc.

Around this time of year I generally start producing spreadsheets, amalgamating my timetables - different colours for different modules, little codes for the various teaching tasks I'll be doing. And this year I am feeling more than ever that it would be maybe a reasonably Good Thing to work out how to make this work on Outlook, something I've always be put off doing before as I keep a paper diary of appointments. Today it struck me that I can still keep the paper diary, and all the effort on the spreadsheet can perhaps be taken over by Outlook.

I am determined to stop being so adamant that it's a them and us thing here - it's not paper or online, it can be both. There's a lesson in that for me!

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