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The roses are coming back to life outside. It’s such an amazing thing to watch.

They spend the winter sulking, waiting for better weather. When the sun shone a couple of weeks ago they started bursting buds

Even the cold weather at night has not stopped them. They are on a mission - they’ve started so they will continue

I wish it was that easy for us people. We start to blossom and then fall back. Then we try to pick ourselves up and start again. Again we are knocked back and again we pick ourselves up

What we don’t see is that in the going back and forward there is always progress. We will never be where we were again, because we went through that moment.

It feels as if we are back at the start of course. It feels like we’ve gone further back because we had got going. It feels soul destroying and we beat ourselves up for not being perfect this time.

But actually if we stop for a while we can sometimes see it. We lived through that. We survived. That hadn’t happened before and we still made it.

Which makes us stronger.

Maybe Nietzsche was right

That which does not kill us makes us stronger

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