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Noticing who you are around

Today’s thought is from Deepak Chopra, it’s so neat, says it all:

“Surround yourself with people who are not carried away by ego”

What does that mean to you? Are you thinking of someone?

Or are you thinking generally - this is about noticing the qualities of the people in your life? Noticing the giving people, the people who quietly promote the positive in you. The people who ask for nothing back. The people you actually respect (as opposed to people you feel you should for some reason)

In contrast, “Carried away by ego”. What an interesting phrase!

In life there are people who do get carried away. Who believe their own hype. Who believe they are somehow better, believe they are role models.

The thing about a role model is that a real role model would never hold them self up to be one. They would not get “carried away by ego”

That’s not only the sort of person to surround yourself with. It’s also maybe the sort of person to decide to be. someone who does not get “carried away by ego”

No self importance. Just a quiet calmness.

That speaks so loudly

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