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Music technology has changed my life in many ways, many really positive.

I can listen to what I want when I feel like it; no rummaging around to find a cd or find it on my phone. I can listen to podcasts that are really interesting. I can fill my time in a gazzilion different ways :-)

The other thing it does is take me back to the past. A few words are all it takes to play a song that was from an emotional time for me. That can be good - happy songs from happy holidays.

But it can be quite challenging too. This morning, for some reason, I asked the gadget, well told it, to play a song I thought I'd left behind.

In an instant I was back in the space when I first found the song. Music touches the soul in such an immediate way for me - it's a lovely song. Written and sung from the heart - and that's the problem - the singer encapsulated something that was going on for her at the time she wrote it, and it happened to be going on for me too.

I asked the gadget to play me something from a happier time when I noticed my energy levels dropping - and that's another of its strong points - it did!



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