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Letting go

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Sometimes we know there is something that needs letting go of.

It may be food, it may be a way of living that’s crept up on us. It may be smoking. Or it may be a toxic friendship or relationship.

Knowing is easier than doing of course, but at least you know! That “wondering what’s wrong” feeling has found a home when we know what needs to be allowed to drift away

So is it about announcements? About saying we are making changes? About looking for credit for letting it go?

Or is it about quietly making the change, one hour at a time. No fanfare. No applause. No tears maybe

Make the change for one hour. Let it go for the hour. At the end of that hour decide about the next.

No one except you needs to know.

If its a lifestyle change you're making, letting go of shopping or tv or gaming or drugs for example, it’s nothing to do with anyone except you.

If it’s the way you eat, it’s totally yours.

If it’s a friendship or relationship change, they’ll work it out and if they don’t notice then it’s more validation of your decision.

You can’t change anyone but yourself, and you can do that gently, one hour at a time. Then see what happens and how you feel having lived the hour without it

And be proud of each hour, celebrate it. You did it! You set out to live without the thing for an hour and you did it!

Now for the next hour....

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