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It’s time to talk about poverty

Today I realised why diversity at Board level is the thing some women speak about when they have the opportunity to have their voice heard

It’s easy

Poverty is much harder. That ordinary people are paid so very much less than people on Boards, male or female, is the thing we need to shout about

We need business. We need the corporate section. Because that is where the jobs are, and we need jobs

What we don’t need is one bunch of overpaid Board directors going on and on about another bunch of overpaid Board directors because they get paid only 10 times the national average not 11 times.

What we do want is for ordinary people to be paid enough to live

So we need the jobs. And we need the hard thing to be said.

It’s not about people who are paid ridiculously large amounts of money whatever sex they are.

It’s not about providing role models. That’s vanity.

It’s about people trying to make a living.

Let’s start talking about that. Let’s ask people who stand on stages to talk about that.

Its difficult. And it’s so much more important.

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