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Is one hour too difficult?

Talking about letting ago a couple of days ago

What if one hour is too long? Too difficult?

You plan to give ”it” up for an hour and then you can’t. That feels totally rubbish - “I can’t even do it for one hour!!!”

So reduce the time. At the one hour level when you keep not achieving it, you’re conditioning yourself to fail at this

Maybe try giving up for 30 minutes, or 15 minutes. Something you can succeed at.

This applies to everything. Smoking, FOMO on your phone, checking the WhatsApp blue tick, biscuits. Everything you’ve decided to gently let go of.

Its about setting yourself a Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely goal; a SMART goal.

If you can give up for 10 minutes, or for 15 minutes, you’ll learn it’s possible to do something about it.

You can grow the minutes when you’re used to giving up for the short time and soon you may be on 30 minutes!

Remember why you’re doing it because that really does help.

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