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International Women’s day? Really?

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

On a day when many women are shouting about inequality, let’s remember what Inequality means. It’s not about a few privileged and well paid women shouting that they earn a bit less than similarly privileged and well paid men.

Its about the ordinary people, whether men or women, who earn just about enough to survive, or less than enough

They work hard. They work very hard. Without paying higher rate tax.

The idea that someone earning hundreds of thousands of pounds stands on a stage shouting about equality whilst finding ways to pay less tax, is insulting to people who wouldn’t dream of avoiding paying their fair share.

It displays a total lack of understanding of real life and a contempt for the society they profess to support Because they seek ways to avoid supporting it

It is right up there with Award Dinners where people take turns to give each other awards at expensive dinners, to make themselves feel they are great, whilst forgetting the people that put them there.

And it may be the same people!

So lets look look forward to a time when there isn’t a special day for women.

Let’s look forward to a day when women and men recognise that they are first and foremost human beings. And that we are all born equal, as babies. And that we are all trying to live.

Then maybe we can start to respect each other for who we are, not for our sex. And not for the money we earn.

Its been getting to me all day, listening to people talking about something of which they have no understanding, simply to make themselves appear special.

Maybe thats a mass generalisation but it's what it has felt like, and you can’t argue with perception:-)

Interesting that the women I look up to wouldn't dream of even mentioning their sex. They just get on with doing a great job, as their male colleagues do.

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