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End of the year

Gosh we are getting to the end of another year.

So much has happened and so much has stayed the same

This feels familiar - a year’s gone by and why haven’t I done all the things I said I’d do? Changed all of the things I said I’d change?

It feels a common thought. We beat ourselves up for living. For carrying on in some ways, not noticing the things we actually have done or changed.

Social media is full of people telling us how great they are. Staged photos that look casual, place names that have been visited. Creating an image. It adds to the angst!

They’ve done such a lot and I’m still.....

Everyone else has got hold of their life and fixed it....

I’m stuck in a rut, everyone else is travelling, changing jobs, sorting relationships...

The only thing that really matters is how we feel ourself. Life's not a competition, it’s something we survive. There’s no right or wrong way

We do what we do.

We’ve probably done more than we think we have; there will always be things yet to do.

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