• Henrietta


Updated: Aug 29, 2019

We seem to be programmed to see patterns around us. We seem to expect things to be regular, to fit. To notice when they aren’t

So why don’t I see patterns in my own life until it feels too late to avoid the thing, whatever it is, turning out the same way as last time, because I’m behaving in the same way?

Seeing the pattern is, of course, important. And better to notice it before you’re in the middle of it perhaps!

Which needs a strategy. A “here we go again“ strategy perhaps. Or perhaps a “let’s not go here again” strategy!

Another word for patterns like these is “habit” as in the first part of “habitual” meaning that it’s something we do over and over

Habits are difficult to break for sure, but only difficult, not impossible

Noticing the pattern is the start. Next comes the work on breaking the habit....

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