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Brain training, or living?

When your head won’t stop thinking and is constantly spinning onto the next thing, or jumbled things.

When you lie awake at night trying and trying to stop the thoughts as you’re so tired it hurts and you need to sleep.

When you wish you could focus on what people are saying for more than a few moments but your head switches onto that very important thing you need to do next.

When the giddy feeling won’t let you live as you want to, tells you you’re missing out or doing it all wrong.

What do you do?

There are drugs. They can work. But they are still drugs and can have side effects.

And there's meditation.

There’s loads of research that meditation works, stills the head, calms the heart rate, lowers the blood pressure; just google it.

The NHS even has a bedtime meditation video on the website to help with falling asleep:›nhs-fitness-studio

So why not, if it’s that easy?

But isn’t it a bit simplistic? Isn’t it for people into that kind of thing?

Or is it too difficult? Too strange?

Rebecca Gladding M.D., author of

Use Your Mind to Change Your Brain

suggests we give ourselves reasons:

* “Oh, yeah, I tried that – it doesn’t work”

* “I wish I could meditate – I just can’t do it right”

* “I don’t have enough time to meditate”

There’s no right way to meditate. Theres no one way.

It actually creates space and allows us to be more effective at what we do, so saving time in the long run.

Two minutes a day could transform your life, literally. Even one minute a day is fantastic. That’s a less time than it took you to read this and a lot less time than you may spend on social media or checking for emails.

So how do you find out what it’s about?

Headspace and Calm are both great apps to set you off. Or find a class to give you a bit of a start

And when you’ve tried it once, for one minute, you’ve started. You’ll have the confidence to have another go for another minute.

It’s not about looking at people who talk about meditation and thinking they have a special secret; it’s about you and your mind, your focus, your effectiveness.

It’s about working on the mind the way you work on the rest of the body.

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