• Henrietta

The Magic Wand

Wouldn't it be lovely to find a magic wand - to be able to change anything in a second. Change the past, change the future, change our mood, change our health or way of being.

There is quite a lot written about how to do just that - follow this system and everything will improve. Do this routine or activity daily and all will be wonderful. Buy this or do that, and you'll finally be happy.

I think we all know it's not that easy; if it was then everyone would have done it by now.

So what's left?

How do we "fix" everything?

The answer is we can't. The magic wand doesn't exist.

We are left with ourselves and that's quite a scary prospect! No one is going to fix anything for us, we have to do it ourselves.

And when we've spent years and years waiting for other people to do things, or waiting for things to improve on their own, it's really difficult coming to this realisation - it's up to us.

And for that we often need help - not help to have things done but help to realise that we can do things ourselves. That we are all we need - we are enough.

Accepting ourselves as ourselves doesn't come easily - we have visions of perfection that we firstly make up and then decide we need to live up to.

We don't see that we both have and are making choices every day.

Sometimes it helps to have someone to stand with us as we start to accept ourselves and notice our choices.

That's all for today :-)

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