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Still challenging...

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

I'm still finding it very challenging, working out how to add a post from my phone. This means I'm not really posting anything, but there's something in this too.

My last blog felt comfortable - I knew what I was doing and how to fiddle with it - it felt safe. Now I have made a change. I know this change is good because I now have the blog and the web site in one place, but the transition is uncomfortable.

Accepting some discomfort because it's going to be better when you're where you need to be sounds easy but it really really isn't. In the words of a character in Aladdin the first movie (can't remember his name, nasty cartoon chap) it's amazing what you can live through. And when everything is sorted out this phase will seem very short and insignificant in the greater picture of life!

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