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Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Why do I love quotes? I think it’s because sometimes it feels that the writer has captured something and put it very cleverly.

Sometimes its because it feels relevant to life at the moment. Sometimes just because it feels like it may be relevant one day. I save quotes, and then find them later, long after the particular “thing” I was thinking of has passed.

Today I have some from Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

*almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better

*there is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

Why do I like these?

The first, because it is about the power of the individual - we are all creative And we can all change things, even baby steps can add up to big changes. Some of us have been told we aren’t creative so often that we believe it. Sometimes there are people who tell us the way we are creative is wrong or inferior

But we all learnt how to paint and draw before we could write, to dance before we were told we weren’t good at it, to think around problems like getting stuff before we could walk (rolling? crawling? sliding?). We are all creative, and we are all powerful, even though we don’t dare think it.

The second quote is about people not realising what they don’t know, and sometimes being very adamant that they do know things!

We are all guilty of it at some times, but mostly it’s the opposite; others treat us as if we know stuff, and deep down inside we “know” we are winging it. When we think we have the correct answer, that’s when things go wrong. Because there are always different ways to look at things.

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